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‘I’d worn suits every day, and suddenly I was at home with puking children, crawling on the floor and going to playgroup.

I didn’t want to lose that sense of style and be just another mum in a tracksuit — but what I had in my wardrobe wasn’t going to work.

On the whole, these sites make women feel better about themselves,’ she says.

Wondering how to walk the delicate tightrope between mumsy and mutton-dressed-as-lamb, she turned to the internet for help.

I’ve always been hard on myself at work, I’ve always thought I could have done things better, but I look forward to this every day.

I feel very proud of what I’ve done to date.’Avril, who admits some of her friends have found it hard to comprehend, says: ‘It’s an easy way to share and compare what you bought in the shops — and what woman doesn’t like to do that?

Style Guile gets around 1,000 hits a day, and constant questions from readers about what suits their body shape and where to find wardrobe staples.

'Mums still want to be trendy but in a practical way.

Since then, a clutch of often self-deprecatingly titled blogs (such as Suburban Style and Does My Bum Look 40 In This?‘There’s definitely a feeling that becoming a parent means you have no sense of style,’ she says.‘After I had my daughter, I found myself buying things I’d never normally wear, such as Birkenstocks.Avril’s blog is unpretentious (on occasion, her three-year-old twin daughters even take the pictures), but to its fans, that is part of its charm. I know bloggers who have had nasty feedback but because my audience is the Mumsnet crew, I’m not pushing the boundaries in what I wear,’ she says.‘I’m so passionate about doing it that people could tell me they hated it and it would just wash off me.

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